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Pictured L-R: Chris Gatzimos, Crystal Gayle, Carl Tatz - Audio 51 Music
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The acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System has no peer in the world of professional monitoring. The systems have been professionally installed with repeatable and proven results for over a decade, batting a thousand with constantly evolving technology.

The PhantomFocus System is the centerpiece of the TEC Award-winning PhantomFocus MixRoom™ and now with the entrance of the PhantomFocus PFM HD and UHD Professional Monitors and ICE Cube-12 Subwoofers, the bar has been raised that much higher. Although words are a meager substitute for actually experiencing it's jaw-droppingly accurate performance, we invite you to take a moment to review the user testimonials here and you may come to the conclusion that this many professionals can't be wrong.


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